Happy Monday! – June 15, 2015

Happy Monday! How conscious are you of how you talk to yourself? When you choose positive and inspiring thoughts, you fill yourself with greatness. Check yourself throughout the day and see how far you get! Have a great week.


Thanks to Wise Owl Jemma Zenith for the inspiration for this Happy Monday. The origination was from the quote from Henry Ford,

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, your’e right.”

The quote itself presents an issue with being positive, because its essential arguement remains in the negative when it even suggests the negative. This is part of the main concept I work with on BrighterSideNow – always working within the positive. And it speaks to the main tenants of the Law of Attraction – That you become what you think about most of the time (to quote Earl Nightengale). You attract your dominant thoughts – or for that matter, any of your thoughts. So it remains one of the single most important tasks throughout the day to focus your thouhgts on those things that you desire rather than what you do not.

Which brings me back to my friend Jemma Zenith, who inspired the Happy Monday quote. She brought it up with a piece of advice to help you with the task of positive self talk. In her words:


“We may need to consciously switch our thinking and align it with our higher purpose and true self. One great assignment that I have done before is carrying a notepad with me (a smaller one) and checking in with myself every so often throughout the day to see where my thoughts are leading me to. Are they negative? Positive? What am I thinking about most of the time? And what are the majority of my feelings and emotional state? It helps one to become more aware and more conscious in taking control of their energy field and creating a more positive aura. It also helps to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions to see why we attract what we are in life. Enjoy!”

For myself, I plan to follow this task today and see where it takes me. Join me?

Happy Monday – May 11, 2015

Happy Monday! “Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. See how they shine.” (Simon and Garfunkle)

In finding today’s inspiration, I had to dig deep into the lyrics to match the energy. As with much commercial music, finding the gold can take a lot of digging. SoI attached the song below.

While listenting, the second song came to mind and it has also stuck with me, so enjoy it as well.

Laugh . . . When People are Watching

Today is Mother’s Day 2015. And the gifts that the day has brought us have been many, and in so many different ways. And how shifting your perspective, you can find laughter in the most surprising events.

And as is often the case, the main gift for my wife is flowers and multch to prepare the flowerbeds around the house. And of course, also the labor to do it.

With the weather as dicey as it has been so for in 2015, very little has been done.So the work was for this weekend. Saturday I handled most of the digging and Sunday meant planting.

The neighborhood where our old colonial home sits is lined with equally old and majestic trees. Our particular street is the home to linden trees that form a dense tunnel. Itis unique enough to have been chosen a few years back to shoot a commercial for a local food chain. But with the abundance of shade leaves a very short list of plants that will grow in the front. We have long planted basic impatiens with lots of dark fragrant mulch.

IMG_3806 IMG_3804


As I was finishing up the front, I went around the side to get the hose. My 10 year old and 5 year old sons had been playing along the side of the house, having tired  from planting. And then I saw it. Two boys, a can of red paint and  our beautiful 100 year old brick home – painted.

Paintwall3 Paintwall2 PaintWall1


As I gasped for air, wondering where they found paint, rollers and everything they had spilled all over the sidewalk, they both excitedly exclaimed that they were making the wall look nice for Mommy.

After sputtering, spraying the hose (which quickly told me that hot only had they found red, but they found oil based paint), rubbing acetone (no paint thinner in our home – and the acetone at least cleaned my hands), and then just sighed and accepted it. As I tried to explain it to my wife, still sputtering, she was not getting it – so I just laughed.

In the end, I had to have those heart to heart talks with my sons. First, they had to know that we were not mad. It was a gift given from the heart. Second, they ALSO HAD TO KNOW, that paint was for the adults.

We posted the pics above to Facebook and have asked enyone who might know for advice about remiving oil based paint. I feel it will be this summer’s project.

As for the laugh, this one will have me giggling for years to come.

Happy Monday! May 4, 2015

Music Plato

Happy Monday! Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Plato What music is speaking to you now? Sing it loudly!

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” 
Albert Einstein

Music has always spoken to me in ways that defy explanation. Sometimes it is a song I hear on the radio throughout the course of the day. In these cases, I feel that the song was seeking me out to hear from it. Other times, it is just a song that stays in my head from seemingly out of nowhere.

However it happens, I see it as a gift. The universe is telling me something. There is a message to be found.

Happy Songs – February 2015

As I sit here tonight, I am obsessed with a couple of songs. This happens to me daily. I feel that when a song finds me on the radio, there is a message to be had. And when a storm of them come, there is defintely something moving around in the air. But these songs have been on my mind pretty intensely and very consistently. And in listening to them, I ask again and again why.

Brighter Side Now began and remains a project aimed at focusing on the Law of Attraction principal of positivity and specifically writing in the positive. This remains a very difficult practice and has my always looking at and questioning the words I write and the thoughts I think. So as a critical review of the songs, I must deconstruct  rather than criticize. Question.

So with this in mind, I listen to the words of these songs and try to see the message they reveal. And way to often, I am mystified and horrified at what is revealed. Music carries amazing power over the mind – from the vibrations that will permeate the listener and the emotions it will evoke. The tone, the tempo and the lyrics.

So my thoughts move to the lyrics, and what they say, how they say it, and where they leave you in the end.

The Decemberists – Make You Better

This song has been playing on the radio a lot – and across a number of different stations. So it reached my radar about 3 days ago until I became obsessed and looked to Youtube to study it. In the end, it is a story of friends, possibly lovers, questioning where they are going and how they want to change each other – and make each other better. So I sit in the middle of two opposing thoughts that affect me. The lyrics, though not overtly negative, speak from the point of view of the of a negative place and speaking of “Make me better” and “Make you better”. And as the suggestion is of moving to a higher place, Law of attraction tells us that the thought of the place it starts would draw energy that way.

Second though is the music behid the lyrics. As as I cannot get it out of my head ( and have not the desire to do so), suggests to me that the song works as a positive force.

Hero – Family of the Year

Hero on the other hand, is much different. The song is an anthem from the movie Boyhood. When I heard it in the movie (at that point I already knew the song), I had to immediately look it up and listen over and over again. After the Oscars, where it was played whenever the movie was mentioned, I had to listen again. And the music is totally enveloping and engagine. But the lyrics depress me. I wonder whether or not the song was made for the movie or if they just found it after the fact. I that the latter is the case as I did not feel those themes in the movie.

This is a song that, once it touched me, I had to rewrite it in my head. When I hear it, I imagine singing it to my own children. Where it goes, “Let me go, I don’t want to be your hero.” I hear it, “I just want to be your hero.” Its kind of a lullaby I want to sing to my children to tell them how much I love them.