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Fresh Seafood so Amazing

it’s Worth a Trip Down the Shore this Weekend


drawingI am a sucker for fresh seafood. And for me, the fresher the better. I was just driving past the local Red Lobster and the yearning for a cup of real clam chowder was too strong to deny.


So I’ve hatched up a plan to take a trip down the shore to one of my favorite seafood restaurants, Smitty’s, this Saturday, and hope that you will come along.


Have you been to a restaurant that left such an impression on you that it was worth driving 120 miles for dinner?


You see, every summer at Ocean City, we make out annual pilgrimage to Smith’s Clam Bar for our wild and crazy family meal “out” while on vacation. And Smitty’s never fails to please – in so many ways!


I can still feel the sweltering heat, sitting out front in the afternoon sun waiting for a table. Luckily there is a breeze whipping up the salt air from the marina to cool you off. Also there are the cold Corona’s, just picked up from the Circle Liquor Store for dinner (remember, it’s BYOB).


Waiting patiently on the benches, you can kick around the crunched-up bleach-white clamshells that pave the parking lot. All the while you see the hustle and bustle of the staff running back and forth with steaming trays of food. At this point, the beer comes in handy as the wait for a table can take hours – you can always take a seat at the bar if you are in a hurry though.


Once your name is called, get ready for fresh seafood. While there are always the faithful standbys (clam chowder, steamers, fried calamari), the surprise comes when you see the chef’s selections for the day. And the fare reflects what’s fresh off the boat, prepared in ways unexpected from a Jersey Shore, bayside seafood shack.


And if there is any doubt in your mind that I have been less than accurate, check out some of the reviews I found on Yelp:


Smitty’s Clam Bar is such a classic hole-in-the-wall seafood eatery.  It’s always crowded because it’s good.  Somehow, the seafood tastes fresher here … maybe it isn’t any fresher from other restaurants in the area – but the barebones atmosphere in a shack-like building directly on the bay in Somers Point just gives it that extra sea water and salt air flavoring. - Jeff H.  Margareten, Vienna, Austria


Best clam chowder and fresh out of the water flounder are the supreme staples at this shore standout. Cole slaw and corn salad are two solid sides. Clam strips are a favorite app as well as top necks (so fresh as relatively cheap).   Byob. Worth the wait, try the bar if you can’t. Take out available. Cash only.  -  Will O. Ardmore, PA


The clam chowder was delicious.  It was thick and full of clams just like how I like it.  We also ordered all of the types of clams that they had available that day.  It was definitely fresh and not fishy tasting.  If it is a clam bar, of course we had to try it all!  Also, we decided to share amongst the two of us one of the baked seafood dishes in white wine and butter.   - Kathy D.  Manhattan, NY


So about my plan for Saturday. Linda and I secured babysitting for a jaunt down to OC for an early dinner at Smitty’s. Join us for one of the more memorable seafood experiences you will have this fall. We plan to hit Somers Point at 4:00, and would love to see you there. It’s a bit of a drive, but worth every mouthwatering bite!


Hope to see you


Andrew Foss



P.S. Don’t forget to stop at The Circle Liquor Store for Coronas or a bottle of white wine to go with dinner!


P.P.S. Consider making it a weekend, like Linda and I will. This time of year there are always vacancies at the Days Inn. And Smitty’s Breakfast Shop will be waiting in the morning!

Happy Monday! 8/11/2014

Happy Monday! There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. Make this week an adventure!


Often the beginning of a week needs simply an inspiration to take it to a level of amazing. So as you venture out into the world, do it with open eyes. Eyes open to adventure. Eyes open to potential. With your eyes open, you can attract anything.


Project Forward

I was visited by the future last night in the form of an idea. An inspiration for creating direction in life. And I immediately named this inspiration “Project Forward.”


It began when a Facebook friend sent me a simple message asking me to “like” and comment on one of his posts. This form of reciprocal linking is common, so I quickly did it. It was the post that started the juices flowing. And formed an idea. You see, the post was one about business opportunities and staying positive. And it reminded me of a number of the business programs I have been involved in in the past, and the theme of continuing to move forward with them. Whether it be by following a specific process or formula.

So I decided last night that “Forward it is” and dedicated myself to take this to another level. Where is it going?

Stay tuned.

Happy Monday! – June 9, 2014

Happy Monday! “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso


Share your gifts this week with the world and imagine how amazing things will be.

The Monday intention came to me today as I woke up.The song The Gift by Jim Brickman was rolling though my head. As with many inspirations, the music in my head leads me to them. It is the soundtrack of my life.

Scientific Happiness

Trolling around Facebook, you are bound to find positive posts.


10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science

1. Exercise more – 7 minutes might be enough
2. Sleep more – you’ll be less sensitive to negative emotions
3. Move closer to work – a short commute is worth more than a big house
4. Spend time with friends and family – don’t regret it on your deathbed
5. Go outside – happiness is maximized at 13.9°C
6. Help others – 100 hours a year is the magical number
7. Practice smiling – it can alleviate pain
8. Plan a trip – but don’t take one
9. Meditate – rewire your brain for happiness
10. Practice gratitude – increase both happiness and life satisfaction


Thanks to the folks a for this list! => Free Expert Advice on Alternative Cure, Fitness & Yoga