A Resolution for Happiness

A Resolution for Happiness
I announced my resolution for our family for 2016 and beyond, a little early this year. As we sat at Christmas Dinner, I told us all that I would like to institute a new practice. Each day, at a meal or anytime really, we all need to express something good that happened that day.
I must admit that this was not my idea. It was something I read on someone’s Facebook profile, or an article on a blog. The story that was told was that this practice was something that this person’s mother had started that had made a huge impact on this person’s life.
And this small shift in attitude or thinking has the ability to change so many things in each of our lives. Rather than focusing on the insults hurled between characters on TV, the murders reported on lamestream news, or the happenings between global elites, we should focus on the good things happening here in our own daily lives.
It could be the little things:
I got up and made my bed early and had more time;
I tried out for a solo in Chorus and got it;
I found a dollar in the street;
I discovered a new app on my tablet;
I finished my book; I resolved to write my book.
All of these little things happen every day. To capitalize on the power they have on us, we acknowledge them, out loud, shared for the others in our lives to also consider.
And while we are busy focusing on the Positive, we can so much more easily manage and move through the rest of the fog. And hopefully shine some extra light to make it better.
Happy 2016! Its gonna be a great, amazing, abundant year full of wonderful things!