18 Simple Rules to Happiness

I love the Law of Attraction. I have to keep saying that as I see elements of the Law of Attraction work their magic in my life.

Like last week. I was listening to a recording that mentioned meditation. Later that day, I watched a Facebook video about Transcendental Meditation, following the stories of a group of people who began meditating every day. This led to another video on YouTube and a visit to their site,an exchange of emails and the potential of meeting up to learn this technique.

18 rules

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Also in the midst of searching, I found another site that discussed Hypnosis meditation. By signing up I would receive a free video training guide (who says no to free?). When the download link came through, it also included a special free bonus – a pdf book called The 18 Rules of Happiness. This handy little tome of Happiness has been my obsession over the past few days.

And simple it is. Written in everyday,down to earth English with simple little tips and tools to help guide you on the course to happiness.

Per its description: Would YOU like to discover your own true happiness? Right now, you spend 24 hours a day searching for happiness. It’s the single motive behind absolutely every action you take. But are you experiencing enough genuine happiness in your daily life? If not, you need to take action. This book is a mini-course in mega-happiness. It unveils 18 simple secrets that you can use to begin enjoying profound happiness and freedom in your life. From simple shifts in attitude to powerful mind-body “hacks”, this guide will show you how to easily tap into the sunshine that already exists within you – and, quite simply, become the happiest person you know.

I highly recommend it to all.

The Power of Music

“Music has an immense power to transport anyone around it, out of the mundane. It works very concretely on the emotions and the pleasure centres of the body and forces us to go beyond merely seeing the ordinary, or experiencing our selves as pale and ordinary. Music can magnify emotion, so that we are properly grounded in it and thereby stimulate us to see the significance in things. In words, in sounds, in the landscape, or in a frozen moment of human experience. It stimulates those parts of the brain designed to see the meaning in everything. This capacity to see the meaning in things and to value them for their significance is the principal means by which humans are spiritual beings.” -Sheila Chandra